Notes on Richard Spencer

Personal Info of Richard Spencer (white supremacist / alt right leader) Do what you will this info. Spread the word. Richard Spencer Phone: 571-239-2797 Email: Home Address: 98 Elk Highlands Drive / Whitefish, MT 59937 He is currently renting an apartment in Alexandria, VA as “headquarters” for the alt-right. That address is: 1001 King […]

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Navigating Our Way Out: Report-back from J20 demonstrations in Austin, Texas

On January 20th, students, workers, and radicals of all stripes—mainly Maoists and anarchists—took to the streets to inaugurate Trump’s regime with renewed militancy. For some, the day began early with a strike by fast food workers and members of Austin Socialist Collective and Fight for 15. Slightly later in the day came some of the […]

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New Year, New Us

The past 6 months have been good for us. Since September, we have worked on the construction of an anti-statist, anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist student force. Using the shell of the S4SS, we cut off any lasting ties with the capitalist and pseudo-capitalist forces claiming to be “anarchists” that had dominated the UT S4SS, in both image […]

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