Life is Elsew(here): A Reflection on our May Day & May ’68 Celebrations

During the first week of May, members of the Autonomous Student Network undertook what was perhaps our largest collective project as we staged a week of events & actions celebrating International Worker’s Day and the 50th anniversary of the May 1968 student & worker uprisings in France. Together, we were able to carry out events […]

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ASD’s Declassified UT Survival Guide

Stable link for our Wiki system, so you don’t have to dig through our social media or your browser history to find it: “A running list of UT and campus area professors, students, and others who pose a threat to students on campus–whether for harassment, bigotry, abuse, or any other reason. This list is maintained […]

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Agitate, Subvert, Negate! Playful Reflections from the Ruins of Empire

“The present catastrophe is that of a world actively made uninhabitable. A sort of methodical devastation of everything that remained liveable in the relations of humans with each other and with our environments.”—The Invisible Committee, Call.   It has been one year since the collection of friends associated with this project called the Autonomous Student […]

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ASN Accountability Process

These are the collectively discussed and agreed upon guidelines for hosting community accountability processes and combating abusive behavior within the organization. We are posting these here for transparency and public review. We will edit and update this document as we make edits to the process itself. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about […]

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Beneath the bricks, the beach: Announcing A Week of Actions in the Spirit of May ’68

Worldwide, May 1st is a day of celebration, struggle, and remembrance. May Day—or International Worker’s Day—is a day to commemorate the ongoing struggles of the working class. It is a holiday long celebrated by anarchists, communists, and socialists to put a spotlight on the sacrifices made by revolutionary workers and the self-activity of the working […]

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Solidarity Patrol Protocols

These are the collectively developed protocols and operating procedures for the Autonomous Student Defense Solidarity Patrols. These patrols are a pro-active program to combat harassment through collective, self-organized student defense and solidarity. These patrols will not provoke conflicts, and will focus on providing whatever the person in danger needs or wants. General protocols: DO NOT […]

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